Prismapar is a consulting boutique which provides advisory on corporate finance, strategy and business development.  We advise our clients on business expansion, mergers and acquisitions, strategic sale and capital raising from banks, private equity funds or capital markets. Working alongside the client, Prismapar works as a “Business Development Partner”, helping clients from the initial stages of the strategy formulation up to its implementation.

As a strategic partner, Prismapar helps its clients maintain the focus on their core business so that managers save time during mergers and acquisitions or capital raising processes, which always are significantly time consuming. Typically, we work with companies that are expanding or strategically repositioning themselves, either according to decisions made by their shareholders and managers or as a result of external market forces. We help companies that are looking to:

  • Grow rapidly and in a sustainable way
  • Expand into new businesses or new markets
  • Acquire competitors in their sectors
  • Find new shareholders, partners or funds to foster their growth
  • Resolve internal shareholder issues / disputes
  • Improve corporate governance practices and professionalize their management
  • Raise capital from investment funds, banks or multilateral organizations

Prismapar also advises international groups and private equity funds in mapping, analyzing and prospecting opportunities in Brazil and the main Latin American markets.